Mite Go Mitey

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Mite Go Mitey a.k.a. Bullet is a true black Appendix Quarter Horse Stallion. He is a May 11, 1993 model. He stands approximately 15.2 hands and weighs approximately 1300 lbs. He has excellent conformation, a very nice head, and a good mind. He passes all these qualities on to his foals, no matter what kind of mare he is bred to. He can be used for either pasture breeding or hand breeding. We have not hand bred him, but his previous owners did. We only pasture breed our mares, as we feel that it's better to let Mother Nature handle things. Bullet is gentle with his mares. His foals always seem to be quick studies and easy to get along with. It has been awhile since Bullet worked on the ranch. When we did use him for ranch work, he always was able to catch a cow with speed left over, and he always seemed to have a lot of bottom to him.

Bullet has some of the best bloodlines in his pedigree. These include War Relic, Munch, Intent x War Relic Glory x Man of War, Royal Bar x Three Bars, Go Man Go x Top Deck, Triple Chick, Clabber II x Clabber, Super's Baby x Super Charge x Depth Charge, Joe Reed II x Joe Reed, and Possum (King).

Fees for Mite Go Mitey are $400 for all mares. Booking fees and mare care are included in the breeding fee.  Our breeding season is from May - July.  Bullet is also listed with APHA.



Some R Unique Legacys

Double Homozygous Black Paint Stallion

Buddy is our May, 2010 Paint stallion.  He is the new addition to our breeding program.  He has been dna tested and is double homozygous for both the tobiano gene and the black gene.  This means that he will always sire a colored foal and will never sire a red foal, no matter what color the mare is that he’s been bred to. 

He is showing us that he has an easy going disposition and very nice conformation with a pretty head, and a big hip.  We purchased him last summer from Secluded Acres in Cuba City, Wisconsin.

We plan on breeding Buddy for the 2013 breeding season to a limited number of mares. 





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